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Solutions designed to prevent dental problems so that you can enjoy a lifetime of smiles.

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Comprehensive Exams

A detailed oral health assessment that includes a thorough check of your teeth, a periodontal (gum) evaluation, oral cancer screening, X-rays and intra-oral photos, TMJ and bite evaluation, and smile analysis. The primary aim of these evaluations is for our doctors to uncover any potential issues and proactively address them before they become bigger problems.

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Hygiene & Cleanings

Our fabulous hygiene team will remove any stain, plaque, and tartar from your teeth in a comfortable, relaxed manner. Thanks to our gentle touch, vast experience, and friendly nature, your hygiene appointment will set you up for future dental success. Our professional cleanings and timely advice will keep your teeth and gums in great shape.

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Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal therapy improves and maintains the health of your gums by fighting against the bacteria that causes gum disease. Coupled with meticulous home oral hygiene habits, attending your regular hygiene appointments is the ideal preventative measure against this disease. If your gums are unhealthy and unstable, we can prevent it from spreading and restore health with scaling and root planning (deep cleanings) and regular maintenance visits.

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Oral Cancer Screenings

Our visual and physical exam of the oral cavity can identify any early signs of oral cancer. Your caring Bloomfield Hills dentist will check for any lumps, bumps, swelling, patches of color, or other lesions. If an abnormality is found, we’ll partner with other local colleagues to establish a proper diagnosis and help you if treatment is indicated.

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Dental Sealants

A dental sealant is a thin plastic coating painted onto your tooth. This preventative measure fills in the pits and grooves on the biting surfaces of your back teeth, so food and plaque don’t become stuck. Sealants can dramatically reduce the risk of decay, and in turn, the chance of cavities developing.

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Root Canals

When a tooth becomes severely damaged due to decay, fracture, or trauma, the nerve (pulp) can become highly inflamed or infected. During a root canal, bacteria is gently removed, and the infected root canal space is disinfected allowing the natural tooth to be saved. Afterward, the tooth is sealed with a filling and/or a crown for long-term protection. The pain is gone, the integrity of your tooth is restored, and you can resume your daily activities once again.

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Nightguards (bitesplints) are protective appliances worn at nighttime to prevent teeth from wearing down, and reduce harm to the muscles and jaw joint (TMJ) from clenching and grinding. Custom-fit athletic mouthguards protect your teeth from major trauma and can reduce the risk of concussions while playing contact sports.

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Many of our patients who suffer from frequent headaches, debilitating migraines, and painful TMJ problems can achieve significant healing and relief with a properly designed and constructed customized bitesplint (biteguard,). Although often unaware, many people clench and grind their teeth causing or exacerbating these problems. Bitesplints and other adjunctive therapies can return comfort and normalcy to a person’s life.

Children's Dentistry

Helping your little ones to establish long-lasting oral health.
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As parents ourselves, we understand that your child’s smile is precious and needs to be handled with care.

Visiting the dentist can make anyone anxious, especially a young child, but with our gentle and friendly team by their side, they’ll have nothing to fear!

We create a positive and trusting atmosphere at each visit while taking everything at your child’s pace.

Our entire team is sensitive to your child’s needs. We use modern treatments adapted to little smiles and provide a fun and relaxing experience at all times.

A little girl in front of a mirror brushing her teeth before her family dentistry appointment
Dental cleaning

Bridget cleaned my teeth. She was friendly and professional. It was my first time with her. Dr. Hanson checked my teeth. Everything was fine and he's very professional. I've seen him since the beginning of his practice. I definitely recommend this dental practice.

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Hygiene Program

Our dental hygienists offer a gentle touch and a friendly spirit. What’s more, they produce incredible results in just 60 minutes while using advanced techniques to ensure your comfort.

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We aren’t here to point fingers or judge you. What we really care about is guiding you and your family to improved oral health. There will be no lectures, just compassionate and genuine concern from a team…Meet our caring team… that genuinely cares.

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Modern Care

With our unique use of innovative technology, we create easy and efficient solutions for your dental needs. Dr. Dillingham…Learn more about our dentist… and Dr. Hanson…Meet Dr. Hanson… are both forward-thinking and continually pursue new ways to make your experience unique.

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