Metal-Free Fillings in Bloomfield Hills

Treat cavities discreetly and effectively at Dillingham Hanson with tooth-colored fillings.

Fix Your Cavity with White Fillings

Composite fillings help restore decaying teeth and your confidence.

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Cavities happen, and when they do, a metal-free filling fixes the decay without leaving embarrassing signs of dental work. They’re safe, effective, and pain-free.

Metal-free fillings are used to fill new cavities or replace old fillings and can also fill worn enamel.

Signs you need a cavity filling:

  • Sharp toothache or tooth sensitivity

  • Darkness or hole in a tooth

  • Broken, cracked, or lost filling

You no longer have to settle for dark, unsightly cavity fillings for mild to moderate tooth decay.

Advantages of Metal-Free Fillings

Here are just a few reasons why patients appreciate a white filling option.


Metal-free fillings blend in with the color of your natural teeth to fix front or back cavities.

Saves Teeth

Filling a cavity with a metal-free filling can save the tooth from further decay.

Less Invasive

Minimal tooth structure removal is required, which means better natural tooth durability.

How Metal-Free Fillings Work

Our dentists at Dillingham Hanson make filling cavities quick and easy.

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After a tooth exam and x-ray at Dillingham Hanson in Bloomfield Hills… opens in a new window to Google Maps…, our dentist will recommend a metal-free filling if you have a small to a medium-sized cavity. Getting a metal-free filling is quite simple.

  • Step 1

    We make sure you’re comfortable from the moment you come in, and before starting, we numb the area of the affected tooth. Sit back and relax, it’ll be over soon, and you won’t feel any pain.

  • Step 2

    If there’s an old filling, we remove it and clean out and remove decay from the natural tooth. If this is a new cavity, we remove decay from the tooth and prepare it to bond with a self-etching adhesive.

  • Step 3

    We apply the composite resin to the tooth, smooth it, harden by light, and polish the area. Once finished, our dentist checks the bite and your comfort level. Any slight sensitivity will soon subside. Be sure to maintain good hygiene at home and visit your dentist regularly.

Metal-free fillings restore the function and durability of the tooth to preserve your smile.

Cavities happen even with good hygiene at home, and there’s no reason to be embarrassed. It’s important to contact your dentist in Bloomfield Hills if you think you have a cavity.

FAQ About Metal-Free Fillings

  • What metals are used in fillings?

    Dental amalgam fillings have been used for years to fill cavities – a mixture of liquid (elemental) mercury with a powdered alloy of silver, tin, and copper. We offer metal-free fillings that are discreet and effectively fill cavities just as well as metal fillings.

    Unlike dark metal fillings, our metal-free option lets us match the filling to your tooth color for a natural look.

  • Do they still use metal fillings?

    Metal fillings are still used today for large and small cavities, but metal fillings don’t offer the natural look of composite fillings.

    For mild to moderate cavities, metal-free fillings fix tooth decay just as well as metal fillings. Tooth-colored fillings are a great alternative to unsightly traditional metal ones.

  • Are metal fillings better?

    Both metal fillings and metal-free fillings prevent further tooth decay and restore your tooth. The decision on which is best for you depends on the cavity’s location and size, along with your cosmetic preferences.

    Metal-free fillings offer the advantage of discreetness, unlike metal fillings. We use a composite filling that matches your natural tooth color.

  • Can metal fillings cause health problems?

    Metal fillings are considered safe, and according to the American Dental Association (ADA), the metal dental amalgam is not harmful to the general public.

    An alternative to traditional fillings is metal-free fillings made of a safe composite material. Unlike metal fillings, composite fillings won’t affect those who are allergic or sensitive to metal. Some patients also feel more tooth sensitivity to hot or cold with metal fillings, but they don’t have this issue with metal-free fillings.

    We consider several factors, including cavity size and a patient’s history, before deciding which dental treatment is best. Please schedule an appointment with our dentists in Bloomfield Hills.

  • Are white fillings strong?

    Metal-free fillings, sometimes called white fillings, are strong and effective. The composite material used today is much stronger than years ago. It works to fill a cavity and prevent tooth decay while reinforcing the natural tooth structure.

    Composite fillings are bonded to a tooth and require less tooth removal than a metal filling.

  • Can I change my silver fillings to white?

    Each case is unique and should be discussed with the dentist. Please schedule a consultation for your filling in Bloomfield Hills.

    All fillings have a limited lifespan, so if it’s time to replace your broken, cracked, or lost filling, then a metal-free filling may be a great option.

    White fillings are best for mild to moderate tooth decay. We can match the composite material to your natural tooth color to fix tooth decay problems on front teeth or back teeth.

    If you’re looking to replace a dark filling with a more natural look, we can discuss it at your consultation.

Fix Your Cavity with a Natural Look

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